An Inside Look At My Packaging

Paying attention to detail is key in the wedding industry! 

It takes a little planning and going the extra mile to make sure your packaging matches the client experience you're providing. Here is a look inside my packaging and vendors!

After a couple signs their contract, I mail out a welcome package. Right now, it includes my three all-time favorite Trader Joe's chocolate bars (PB&J, milk chocolate truffle, and dark chocolate coconut caramel) and a personalized, handwritten thank you note (designed by Origami Prints + Cat Coq). This year, I'm introducing my new Bridal Guide magazine to also be included in welcome packages - featuring favorite vendors, tips on making the most of your day, and advice for making the LM Photography experience as enjoyable as possible.


That all gets tied up in gold sparkly baker's twine or classic brown twine (from Anthropologie). Their package comes with little "Celebrate" and "Thank you" stickers, along with my logo sticker that I always order at 50% off on!

I mail out my prints double packed in cardboard to prevent damage during shipping, and I make sure to include my business cards, a note on my custom stationary, and branded stickers. You can never go wrong with ivory silk ribbon!


Albums are always wrapped up with a bow (or twine if my couple digs everything rustic) and sent out with a handwritten card. When I have calligraphy pens on hand, I write their names in modern calligraphy style to add a whimsical yet professional touch.

Never underestimate the power of packaging.

Getting a gift in the mail that's adorably wrapped up is a totally different experience than opening a box from Amazon with your book rattling around in some bubble wrap. I'm always evolving and working to give my clients the best experience - so don't be afraid of change! If something isn't cutting it anymore, change it up. Each package isn't always cookie cutter - some clients may get Stonewall Kitchen jam, or a mason jar, or a Starbucks card... I like to switch it up and tune into their personalities for their gifts.

Lena Mirisola

Boston, MA 01886, USA

Photographer. Bubble tea addict. Girlboss.