35mm Film // I dream of NYC

Olivia Bee announced her first show opening in SoHo, and it gave me a rather lovely idea... I called up the girls with a great excuse to go to NYC.

Hit the road at 6:30am, Dunks in hand, ready to run around the Big Apple last Friday.

We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge (something I've always wanted to do), shopped around Chinatown getting little Buddhas and bubble tea, ate in Little Italy, took a lazy afternoon walk through SoHo for hours, stopping at coffee shops and patisseries for a little something sweet, and of course hitting store after store for some shopping. We went to Olivia's opening, Kids in Love, and there was just something magical about seeing her work huge, and in person. The amount of talent that girl has... it's unbelievable. Quite the inspiration for other young shooters. Just be yourself, kick ass, and never stop doing what you love. We're young; excited by much and in love with the world. See it all, do it all, love it all.

After looking at her photos over and over, we left SoHo for Times Square for a little touristy action (Amanda had never been here before!) and had dinner yelling at each other over the World Cup madness at the pub. A few more stores and a cannoli later, we bid adieu to the twinkling lights of the city and drove the very long drive home through the night.

A day well spent.

Lena Mirisola

Photographer. Bubble tea addict. Girlboss.