Travel diaries // Southern charm

North Carolina: A place I never thought I’d visit.

Well, I did! My best friend moved down there, so I paid her a visit in her new state. Besides the culture shock, the accents, and the heat, the landscape of NC is breathtaking. The sunsets never failed to amaze, trust me friends: we chased them while blasting the classical radio station, which was doing a movie score night, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to say that I drove after the setting sun while the theme from E.T. played in the background. Magical? I think so.

We went antiquing, sampled the almighty Sonic MANY times (half priced shakes after 8pm, who can resist?), pet some cows, went river tubing in the Appalachians, and ate chicken & waffles for breakfast.

Spoiler alert, she’s moving back to Boston (which is amazing!) - but getting to see the South was indeed an interesting trip.


Lena Mirisola

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