Macy & Jordan // Cambridge engagement

Love is patient, love is kind. Macy & Jordan have that down.

I love this laid back couple - it all started with a very overcrowded Thinking Cup. The Thinking Cup (especially the one in the North End!) is one of my favorite places to meet clients. It's adorable. Like, beyond adorable. Local charm, great coffee, and the french macaroons melt in your mouth, and who can resist all those fun colors? We initially planned to meet at the one on Newbury Street, and the second I walked into the chaos and saw 500 people crammed in there, I immediately regretted it. I found Macy & Jordan, and we popped over to Panera at Copley. They're such good sports...

We talked about how they met, what they envisioned for their wedding day, and how much they love their cats... we clicked! A few months later (and after the godforsaken snow melted), they decided to spring for an engagement shoot in their hometown. They arrived at the Cambridge Public Library separately - but wearing totally coincidentally coordinated green shoes. That's pretty great future husband/wife telepathy. Macy's mother worked on the planning & renovation from the old library to the new one - I love family ties! After kissing under the gorgeous architecture, we all took a walk to Harvard Yard, dancing under the Dogwoods in bloom as the sun crept out from behind the clouds for us. We ended in Harvard Square, grabbing some delectables at Sweet Cupcakes, my favorite local cupcake bakery. Banana split and mint chocolate chip... mmm! 

I can't wait for their wedding in August! Show M&J some love :)

Lena Mirisola

Boston, MA 01886, USA

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