Kate // Ragged wood

There's something I love about winter light.


It's warm and bitter all at once, and the sun is in such a different place than it is in August that you can go to the same location and it will yield completely different results. It shines with a silver sparkle, with the usual warm gold tones, but there's something just different about winter sun than summer sun. And it's beautiful.

Kate just makes my heart sing, and so does the forest, and the blue sky, and the hills, and the trees that all seem to be the exact same height. Also, so does the song Ragged Wood by Fleet Foxes. I name a lot of my posts after fantastic songs - this was on repeat while editing, it's definitely worth a listen.

Kate laying down in the reeds: "I just know there's a family of snakes down here waking up saying 'WHO IS SQUISHING MY CHILDREN'"

Fortunately, we did not meet any snakes, just lots of dogs, and we managed to not get shot by hunters, although we were attacked by big sharp sticks in the ground, and also survived wet bottoms and unavoidable mud puddles. We always manage to come out laughing. 

Lena Mirisola

Photographer. Bubble tea addict. Girlboss.