Kate // Golden state of mind

A stunning shoot with my favorite bombshell.

Kate everyone, the beauty, with her freckles, with her confidence shining through in every photograph.

After knocking on the owner of the car's door for weeks with no answer, we FINALLY met the owner and got to shoot with the red truck I drive by on Concord Road almost every day. Sorry Barb. First come... you know the rest ;)

We went birdwatching in the woods in this adorable little spot I'd been eyeing for weeks. However... the mosquitos. There were swarms. I've never seen so many in my life. After the worst 5 minutes of our combined 38 years on this Earth, my legs felt like they had caught fire from the 15-something bug bites that had accumulated on my in a very short span of time. We stopped for one more excursion at a lot full of old, dilapidated construction vehicles... beautiful light, colors, textures... quite a unique scene. We got back to house and I dove into the pond to cool down my legs. I'm a big baby, but it was seriously a burning on fire nightmare regardless. After a little chilling out, we explored the backyard and I finally shot by the fence. The mini-orchard in the back is so beautiful!

And so is Kate.

This is my last and final shoot that made it into my book. My big portfolio book full of all my commercial work, the 11.5x16" epic book that will be on the plane to California on my lap, the book that will be the star of my five interviews with ad agencies. I talk about my book a lot, because I've been shooting like crazy for it, and it's a big deal for me! This is possibly the start to the rest of my life career in commercial lifestyle photography. So to my dearest Kate, you are a star. You were the perfect girl to have as my last shoot, my final pieces of greatness.

Right now, it's more shooting, editing my book, sending it off tonight.

In a golden state of mind today.

Lena Mirisola

Boston, MA 01886, USA

Photographer. Bubble tea addict. Girlboss.