Emily // Indigo dusk

It's fall 2015, and I'm at LUSH Harvard Square shopping for my favorite products in the whole world, while inhaling every breath of goodness that I possibly can. I'm dancing kind of embarrassingly at the register - until I hear, "Excuse me?" I turn around to a college aged boy, and after I reply, he asks, "Are you Lena Mirisola? The wedding photographer" I almost died from shock, laughed a bunch and answered YES! He recognized me from Instagram - WHAT! Shut the front door. The cashier, intrigued by what was going on inquired if she should know me too and I told her I'm just a photographer, and gave her my info!

Fast forward months later, and we became acquainted online - before we knew it, she was on my calendar to shoot! We had quite a few reschedules from the terrible snow this winter (and spring), but Emily and I adventured around Longwood last week and found an epic new rooftop! She is the sweetest girl, and she just finished grad school for counseling psychology and is moving to South Carolina. The perfect way to say goodbye to Boston! 

Lena Mirisola

Boston, MA 01886, USA

Photographer. Bubble tea addict. Girlboss.