Image Source // Some pretty cool news

I've been going through my archives digging for photos. They need to be released and ready to go, so I can send into my new editor...

I've got some news!

I am signing to Image Source, a pretty cool & fresh stock agency based in London & NYC. I was contacted by one of the art directors to shoot for them. She found me on Twitter (of all places) and ended up on my website, reading that I loved to pretend to cook like I'm a Food Network pro... it's true! Honestly,  it's incredibly honoring to know that I'm doing something right. Like "Hey world, I'm Lena, this is what I love to do and I'll rock it for you!" 

I'm looking forward to shooting boys now... it feels so weird submitting photos of them! SheStock is all women, so I've been girl crazy the past year. The majority of my shoots will still be for SheStock, but I'll be setting aside more of my time to provide fresh content for Image Source. Because they're super cool too! Juggling three agencies will be a challenge, but hey, I'm young, right? It just means more shooting, more meeting fabulous new people and producing more great imagery.

I'm jetting off to Chicago tomorrow morning to visit my crazy family & friends (y'all have seen Connor on my Instagram feed...) and shoot stock (what else?!)

Until next time,


Lena Mirisola

Photographer. Bubble tea addict. Girlboss.