Crystal, Steph & Julian // Hollis sunrise

How we woke up four college kids at 5am, the world may never know.

Crystal, Steph, and Julian hit the road with me up to one the most beautiful places I know - Hollis, New Hampshire. Fueled by dunks in the pitch dark in Allston, we set the GPS to Groton center and took the back roads from there. We stopped the car before the sun came up, traveling through corn fields and waterfalls, through forests and farms, and a dead sunflower field to boot. The air was chilly and the ground was covered in shimmering dew, and as the sun began to rise through the trees, magenta and pink swirls painted the sky. Of course, the trip ended with a stop at The Country Florist, one of my favorite farms in the area with the best fudge EVER!

We shot tons of film and digital, too - here's a look at a typical two photographer road trip with the coolest of kids. And yes, there is film mixed in here - see if you can spot the difference, contact sheet answers are at the bottom! ;) 

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