The W Family // Harper in Boston

And she's baaaack! Miss Harper Deb and her parents traveled into Boston last weekend for a fall shoot. I'm lucky to say this was my third time shooting with Amy & Kevin, as I fell in love with the two of them even before Harper existed. Watching #harperdeb grow up via Instagram has been awesome. I love technology almost solely for the fact that I get to keep up with my clients' lives! But finally, I got to meet the Harper that talked, and could walk on her own, and was a big girl!

Harper has a fiery, bubbly personality - she's super smart, loves to play dress up, and just embodies everything it is to be a kid. She looks at things (and people) very inquisitively, and isn't afraid to run around and giggle and laugh and play tag. Harper chased her daddy, fearlessly climbed trees, and taught me the true value of goldfish as a bargaining tool for a two year old. Harper, everyone! XO

It IS Throwback Thursday, after all.

It IS Throwback Thursday, after all.

Lena Mirisola

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