Caroline, Crystal & Ashlee // Forever young

I had a wild Friday with these girls. 

Caroline, Crystal, Ashlee & I had so much fun on our photo adventure. We sat in an alley laughing about everything, spilling the most personal aspects of our lives so casually waiting for the pizza to be done around the corner. That's how you know you're among good company... you feel compelled to tell each other anything and everything. The girls were nonstop fun... as Caroline said while being silly and not listening of course, "Give it a minute, you'll definitely hit me." Crystal took us to her "spot" - we climbed through a fence and the moment I saw that beautiful grassy hill with the perfect blue sky and the cityscape behind it... I fell in love! It was incredible. Cartwheels all around! Xoxo

Lena Mirisola

Boston, MA 01886, USA

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