What to do about Facebook's 2018 newsfeed announcement


What to do about Facebook's 2018 newsfeed announcement...

So, fellow entrepreneur, you've heard about the new and improved newsfeed that's rolling out soon, yes?

New and improved... for everyone but small businesses.

Facebook recently announced that they’re going to shift the algorithm once again, but this time drastically - reducing public video, business pages, brands, and media from the newsfeed and replacing it with friends and family.

This is basically the end of organic, unpaid reach as we know it.


But - we can’t say we didn’t see this coming. Unless we’re Mark Zuckerberg, we don’t own Facebook. Or Instagram, or Twitter, or even our website. Social media is a temporary rental where our landlord can change the terms, rent, or evict us at any point in time.

Cue freakout? Maybe.


Go live

Facebook shared info that live streaming gets the largest amount of newsfeed appearance and interaction. This is also true for Instagram, as live videos are pushed to the #1 spot on the top of your Instagram stories shelf - plus, they stay there for up to 24 hours. WILD!!!

Don't give up completely

That being said, if you’re a wedding professional, don’t abandon Facebook. Keep posting your blogs and tagging clients, as this still is the most popular place to share wedding photos and videos with friends, family, and guests. The more organic comments and interactions there with your posts, you will still be seen in the new newsfeed. Just remember not to keep your eggs all in one (dying) basket.

Shift focus elsewhere

You can spend more energy into creating a better Instagram experience, and simply push content to Facebook through a third party app. Figure out where your time is best spent, because it isn't Facebook anymore. But remember that this is just temporary - you don’t own Instagram either. 

Build your email list

This is the time to continue building your email list if you already have one, or START BUILDING ONE NOW if you haven’t already. Email marketing has the highest open rates of any other form of marketing, and it's the only one that YOU OWN! If you're ever asked on Jeopardy what the best form of marketing is, you better answer "What is email marketing!!!"

Polish your website

This is the time to update your website, and make it the best representation of your brand, your products, and your services.

Network like a boss

Look into person to person networking - like with other vendors, venues, influencers, etc. Create, nurture, and sustain relationships with REAL PEOPLE, not just over the internet. 

Love on your people

Work on spoiling your clients and customers and creating a one-of-a-kind experience that will produce stellar word of mouth referrals.

We can mourn the death of Facebook later - so get to work!!!


Lena Mirisola

Photographer. Bubble tea addict. Girlboss.