Emily // The unexpected

Em in Boston. It's been an idea for a while -- this beautiful nugget has graciously modeled for me before (throwback to The Kids Are Alright), and WAY before... Miss E was on my first ever "photo shoot" - and trust me, I heavily emphasize the quotes... end of 7th grade pool party. I position five girls (she got front/center) in their bathing suits in a field. With clouds. And trees. And made it black & white, all with my trusty point and shoot. Well obviously that was the day I became a self-proclaimed photographer. Oh, the embarrassment. But since day one, she's been there cheering me on, my biggest fan. She remembers every shoot and photo I've taken... seriously. From my point n shoot days, to my first little Canon Rebel, DeviantART... and up till now, she knows them all and it's so incredible to have her love and support. 

We went to school in the same zip code, now we're college-ing in the same one, too. This girl is a CRAZY talented actress... she was always the lead role in all the plays we were in together, and even when she was 13 she was knocking it out of the park. She still is at BU, and trust me, she's gonna go far in life.

She took everything in on the side of a ledge by the waterfront, and unexpectedly, stumbled upon an abandoned office building. Neither of us has ever experienced anything like it... it was crazy to say that least.

Explore the unexpected. Don't forget to tell the awesome people in your life how awesome they are.

Lena Mirisola

Photographer. Bubble tea addict. Girlboss.