Emily // Wildfire

Hey everyone! I've been back in the 01886 for the past few days, so I set up a shoot with Emily the beautiful. I bought the dress months ago knowing I would want it for a photo shoot. Same story with the blanket... which is actually a tablecloth, from Anthropologie. It was on clearance over the holidays and I ran around the store so excited about my soft adorable new blanket for summer shoots and I took it home and the tag listed the dimensions and washing instructions for the tablecloth. Boy did I feel like an idiot! :) But hey, it looked GREAT!

Anyway, Emily just knocked it out of the park. Jenny assisted for me and I couldn't have done some of my setups without her! She was amazing! Her hair lit up like wildfire in the golden sunset, I was in awe. She knew I was going to dump her in the river at the end, as I asked her to bring water shoes. Well she did it, didn't complain once, and did it again. Trooper with a capital T! She's kind, funny, and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.

Show her some love! Xo

Lena Mirisola

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