Don't Believe The Lies They Tell You


Being an entrepreneur is scary a LOT of the time.

We worry if we're doing enough, booking enough, making enough, being enough. So we look around at others and compare ourselves, naturally. Except 100% of the time, it just makes us feel like failures. Everyone is doing it harder, better, faster, stronger. Frig!!!

You'll see people bragging about having only TWO open 2019 dates left, posting their best and brightest photos, and making it seem like they're on top of the world having a WALK in the park while you had 7 people ghost you this week and only have 3 weddings booked for next year.

Guess what? Don't believe the lies!!!


When the panic sets in that everyone around you is doing better than you, stop and remember that may not be true.

Scarcity is the best marketing tactic... of COURSE people are going to say they only have a few dates left to book. Clients will be flocking to book them! Doesn't make it wrong, but it doesn't make it true either ;) 

This post was inspired by two of my coaching students frantically texting me in the past few weeks about low booking rates. They were second guessing themselves, upset, and even questioning their prices and quality of work. 

I consoled them in the most honest way I could:I told them "I have only a few weddings on the books for 2019. Yup! :) I get lots of inquiries that end in nothing. BUT - I'm not worried. Those two couples are the absolute PERFECT fit for the experience I provide. I love them so much already. And most of my couples book from Thanksgiving through spring of the following year." They were shocked and calmed down almost immediately.

So when panic sets in, and I see all those photographers flaunting that their entire year is already booked, just sit back and remember that you will ALL finish the race at some point or another. It doesn't matter if you book a client in September or January. They will come!

So if you're feeling the FOMO... just remember that it is gonna be okay! What you see is not your failures, it's everyone's hustle. Good things will come. Focus on your clients and being the best you can be!!!

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Lena Mirisola

Photographer. Bubble tea addict. Girlboss.