Take Your Photos To The Next Level with this ONE TRICK!

Editing trick: Removing distractions

Something I learned from the amazing Ben Sasso’s blog was to look at a photograph and ask yourself,

“How can I make this better?” 

It’s all about taking your imagery to the next level. When I have a fantastic photo, before I post it online to be showcased to the world, I step back and examine what could really make it better. And most of the time, it can be improved tremendously in less than 5 minutes. The #1 culprit?

Distracting elements. 

Below is a photo from a Boston City Hall elopement. Before I shared it after taking it over a year ago, I stopped and brought it back into Photoshop. Revisiting old edits can be extremely beneficial.

(For mobile users, tap once for before/after rollover!)

You’ll see when you roll over the image that I removed people in the background, removed cracks and imperfections in the street, blurred the background a bit more (with the Blur Taming Brush from Little Lusker Photoshop actions), removed flyaway hairs, and removed colorful road signs in the background. All in all, it took about 6 minutes of clone stamping.

(For mobile users, tap once for before/after rollover!)

All the photos showcased in your portfolio should be polished and distraction-free. Put your best foot forward, and take your photos to the next level!


Lena Mirisola

Photographer. Bubble tea addict. Girlboss.