Kate // Daydreams

Kate and I went for lunch a few weeks ago to say goodbye before she went off to college for the first time. At the end of Chipotle goodness, she said, "We should shoot! Like at sunrise! How about tomorrow?!"

And the next morning, at 6am, both our butts were freezing in the field. 

Kate is just a magical princess and I would be honored to be her prince who takes all of her pictures. Did I mention I have the beautiful B&W topless one of her from this shoot as a POSTER in my dorm? 

I bought that Eliane et Lena boutique skirt last year for a stupid amount of money. I never used it, or wore it, so I put it on on eBay. We were very careful not to get it dirty... and lo and behold, after being listed for a month, it sold that night. Fate!

After the shoot, I got hit by the client work train, so this girl has been SO patient waiting for her edits. Wishing her the BEST year at Cazenovia! EVERYONE LOVES YOU!

Lena Mirisola

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