ChooChoo Camp 2016 // Drift Studios, NYC

In the height of busy season, I left school for a week, packed a bag, and drove down to New York City. In typical Lena fashion, I parked my car in Chelsea, stepped outside, took in a big breath of fresh air... and hailed a cab to Chinatown.

So what were you doing?

I was attending the first ever Lookslikefilm ChooChoo Camp Workshop! Lookslikefilm started as a Facebook group where people could post their digital photos that, you guessed it - looked like film. Over the years, it grew from 1,000 members to an incredible community of 30,000 people supporting each other, sharing knowledge, giving editing tutorials, and conducting interviews with photographers around the world. The founders + leaders of the group, Jacob Loafman and Lukas Piatek announced that there would be a first-ever live three day workshop at Drift Studios in Chelsea, New York City with nine speakers and forty attendees from every corner of the globe. 

Why is it called "ChooChoo Camp?"

When your photo in the group would hit X amount of likes, you would be featured on their daily update. The Lookslikefilm train would roll down the imaginary internet tracks to all the highest rated photos that day and comment "Choo choo!!!" and your photo hopped on the train.

Every day we ate breakfast together, listened to two speakers in the morning, ate lunch, learned from one more speaker, then hit the streets for two live shoots.

Thank you to all the speakers!

Sam Hurd - Nessa Kessinger - Pablo Beglez - Nisha Ravji - Thierry Joubert - Katie Forbis - Mark Pacura - Twyla Jones - Alex James and to the one and only Jacob & Lukas for orchestrating this workshop. I'm so grateful for the wonderful friends I've made and the invaluable knowledge I've gained! Until next time... XO

No time for bullshit when you're in the chair.

Soho / Chinatown adventures! Eating dumplings alone is my superpower.


6 live shoots with the speakers!

Sam + Nessa being all cute

Watching the master shoot was like watching black magic take place in front of your very eyes. Everyone was so helpful and willing to answer any questions.

High Line at lunch!

Shooting with Pablo!

Shooting with Jacob & Lukas was inspiring and eye-opening!

Freelensing, bright sun, tons of laughs.

Lena Mirisola

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