Chicago // Spring Freedom

I can't say enough marvelous things about this trip.

I joined Mikey, Austin, & Cam on this spring break trip to visit Connor. We flew out to one of the coldest places you could go - only to be welcomed by weather in the 40's and even 50's. It was incredible! We stayed in the IHSP Hostel two nights and at Connor's apartment for the other two nights. The Loop was larger than life - sky high buildings everywhere, shops, and the fanciest Walgreens you could ever imagine. Gold plated ceilings! What?!

I can't speak highly enough of the food there. I didn't have one bad meal - from American, to Thai, to Japanese, to breakfast... what a foodie's dream.

We did some tourist-y stuff like going to the Hancock Tower for photos at night (best $19 I ever spent), walking around downtown, taking excited pictures on the CTA... but also got to chill in SAIC (Connor's school) and the apartment, able to live more locally and explore cool places outside The Loop. Also... I got my first tattoo!! Also... discovered the wonders of Jamba Juice. 

Check out the Instasnaps from the trip... there's different stuff on there! :)

I'm grateful for the people I met there and the experiences I had. This trip was all for youth, for freedom, for friendship. 

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