Ariella & Anna // Chasing Waves

I am SO EXCITED to be blogging Ariella & Anna's shoot! Last Friday we jumped in the Peacockmobile and drove up to Hampton Beach. Of course, it was cloudy and freezing. Every other day was sunny and wonderful! Nevertheless, Barb and I weren't calling it off. She had two models as well and an old Station Wagon (lucky bitch!) - and after dropping around $1,000 on wardrobe and props the day before between the two of us, we were pretty eager to shoot.

Miss Ariella, who modeled for the first time at fifteen (yes!) was incredible! What a sweet, soft spoken gal. She got quite an earful on the way there and back between all the cursing and joking and shenanigans that go on during road trips with Barb and I. But she still likes us, so that's a plus! <3 I worked with Anna last year on a big production shoot, and I was absolutely psyched to get to work with her again. She's the sweetest girl, professional model, knows how to bring any shoot to a new level, and is a down to earth humanitarian as well. And we're both 1994 babies, love!

The girls got in their adorable Free People dresses and frolicked around the beach and deserted boardwalk. Total props for the girls for being in very little clothing in very cold weather! They did great. I have nothing but love for these girls... show them some!!! 


Lena Mirisola

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