Carly & Tucker // 26 days old

"There are two things in life for which we are never truly prepared: twins."

Joanna & Ryan… one of my favorite special couples. I photographed their engagement at one of their favorite parks, and their wedding at the historic Pierce House on a beautiful spring day. And a year later… they got the wonderful news that they were expecting… not one, but TWO! On September 10th, Joanna gave birth to Carly Louise Elizabeth & Tucker Jeffery, weighing in at 5 lbs 11.5 oz and 5 lbs 5.5 oz, respectively. Miss Carly was born one minute before her brother!

Seeing these two babies snuggled up together was incredible. Their little noises, their tiny fingers, the rise and fall of their tummies when they slept. I can’t wait to see these two grow.

Bill & Cat // Expecting at the Museum of Fine Arts

On Sunday morning, I had the pleasure of meeting Bill & Cat - it was a gorgeously sunny day, warmer than usual for the middle of winter, and an absolutely perfect day for a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston for a maternity shoot. We got lost in Europe trying to navigate through the corridors to the Modern Art wing, but alas we got there eventually. "Are we in America yet? Is this STILL Europe??"

It was such a unique and majestic location for Baby Zachary's pre-birthday debut - hopefully he had as much fun as we all did! 

I'm so excited to meet this little one in a few weeks! Wishing all the best to the soon-to-be new Mom & Dad.

Harper // Dandelion kisses

Two words: Harper. Deb.

I photographed Amy & Kevin almost two years ago at Duxbury Beach, and with their pup, Scout - a few days later they found out they were expecting! Fast forward and we get Miss Harper Deb, cutest nugget baby on the East coast! I've been following Amy on Instagram since H was born, and I love all her pictures, videos and funny hashtags all starring #harperdeb. We finally got together for an orchard shoot, and needless to say, it was amazing. Half the sky was blue with clouds, the other was navy blue erupting any moment with a storm. We had some beautiful light, and as we walked out of the orchard and back to the car, it started down pouring, running to the car as Harper bounced in her mom's arms squealing laughing. We had a ton of fun eating the dandelions and playing with Mommy & Daddy! Well... Harper, not me... I'm very much past the dandelion eating stage of my life.

Warning... cuteness overload!


Ava & Lily // Playdate No. 2

Ava & Lily were in the house today (literally!) and they sure did rock their session. I was driving around town like a nut last minute getting cakes, cupcakes, candles, flowers, you name it. Barb & I got the house set up (mostly Barb actually) for these peanuts! During our 3 1/2 hour time together (amazing that the girls lasted that long...) - there was laughing. There was running, there were tutus. There was lots of pink. There was also lots of frosting. There was jumping on the bed and tickling tummies & toes. There was shrieking and crying. Lots of crying. There was squealing and yelling and meltdowns and happy girlies and coloring and high heels and there was F U N ! I had an incredible time. And the girls were more than fabulous. The little divas... almost 3 years old! See what fun our playdate was.

With kisses,


Ava & Lily // Playdate No. 1

Ava & Lily, two year old twins (although they seem much older!) - they're TWO cute! (bad joke?)

The two came with their awesome mommy to the studio for an evening of playtime! Lily jumped on board, but Ava was a little shy. After seeing the awesome outfit her sister got to wear though... she came around. We picked and ate some yummy apples in the backyard orchard. Lily was SO giggly! After that, we drove to the pond, and ran races in the woods. There may have been some tripping and falling... but the girls are troopers! We finished on the beach - that's when the real miss Ava came out! She was running around in her tutu like a little queen laughing and talking and having a grand time. They wouldn't get off the slide...the sun pretty much went all the way down by the time we pried them off the slide. "Are you watching?!" "YES!"

We all slept well that night.