What’s the deal with CTA’s?

Hey everyone - do you know what CTA stands for?

C A L L  T O  A C T I O N !

What’s a call to action?

It’s when you ask your audience, client, or visitor to take action and do something you tell them.

Every business and brand should use them - just like sprinkles on ice cream, the more, the BETTER!

When your audience takes the time to digest your content, you don’t want them to get to the end and just move on. Tell them what to DO!

You can use calls to action on your Instagram posts and stories, at the end of your blog posts, on your website pages, and more.

Call to action examples:




Direct them to similar articles, guide them to the next logical page on your website, tell them to check out your latest blog post, ask your audience to comment on your post, or add a button to sign up for your newsletter (with a freebie / opt-in gift to seal the deal).

Today’s goal is to start sprinkling in call to actions everywhere you can. Tell your viewer EXACTLY what you want them to do when they finish reading and viewing your content!

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Lena Mirisola

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