Barb & Tamison // Girl's Day

Finally... I've shot BOOMERS! My editors have been asking for boomers for stock, so I pestered Barb enough and swooned Tamison into helping me out :) The gals caught up with each other over some coffee and watercolors and I shot, shot, shot! It was 50 degrees out but the wind... the wind wasn't helping anyone. We were all freezing. The hike and up and down the gigantic hill was full of tripping and falling, soaking wet shoes & socks and lots of yelling. But also lots of laughing! ;) We made a fire back and the house and munched on popcorn to warm up all our toes.

And of course, a shoot of mine wouldn't be complete without something unplanned happening - my card corrupted and I spent the night frantically running data recovery software to get my images back. I got 90% of the RAW files and the rest as high JPGs (another reason why you need to nail your exposure on camera and not reply on post-processing to fix everything). The world really needs to give me a break as of late! However I am very grateful for the beautiful pictures and my lovely ladies! Xo

Lena Mirisola

Photographer. Bubble tea addict. Girlboss.