How to craft the perfect blog that people WANT to read

Do you dread blogging? Do you sit down at your laptop and draw a blank when trying to craft the perfect story about your client's day? Never fear! Here is a handy starting guide to writing the perfect blog post.


Post the right amount of images

Think 40-75 images for weddings, 10-25 for portrait sessions. If you're unsure about an image, ask yourself, "Does this image help my business?" If you're unsure, you don't need it.

Do your diptychs right

Vertical images don’t always read as well as horizontals in a blog post. Diptychs can be a great solution to balance your images. Don’t pair up similar images with different expressions - opposites attract. Pair detail shots with portraits (bouquet + bridal portrait, first kiss + candle detail, etc). If you’re going to pair two portraits, pair a pullback with a close up (one that fills the frame + one with lots of environment/negative space). However, always remember to ask yourself, "Is this image stronger alone, or stronger together?"

It’s about your client, not you

Look back at your blog posts and see how many times you said the word “I”. I loved the flowers, I was so excited for the dessert bar, I had so much fun. Direct your writing to be about your clients - Jen & Mike have a love that gives her butterflies every morning. They danced to their favorite special song for their first dance. Mike shed a tear when he saw his stunning bride walk down the aisle. Talk about how much fun your clients had, not you.

Stuck on what to write?

I learned this piece of advice from Jasmine Star’s 3 and 3 Blogging Rule - to get un-stuck while wondering how you’re going to write a good paragraph, write about 3 things that were unique to the day, then 3 things unique to your clients. Craft a sentence around each idea - now you’ve crafted a personalized entry for clients. You can also pull info from the questionnaires you send to clients - I ask them about their favorite things to do together, how they met, how he proposed, quirky fun facts, etc.

Credit + tag your vendors

On wedding blogs, always list the vendors to help clients and vendors connect services. Tag the post to drive more traffic to your blog if that vendor is searched online. Use SEO keywords in your writing - for example, instead of saying "It was a sunny, warm day when J&J tied the knot", you can say "It was a gorgeous day for a wedding at the historic Crane Estate - the ocean sparkled, and you could smell the New England charm in the air."


Lena Mirisola

Photographer. Bubble tea addict. Girlboss.