Baked // 20x24 Polaroid

Yesterday, on the cloudy, then sunny and warm, then torrential downpour, hail, and 40MPH wind St. Patrick's Day... I had my Polaroid shoot! (Can anyone say New England?!)

SO here's the deal: There are 5, yes FIVE of these cameras left in the world.

1 piece of film is $75... yikes. But, the chance to shoot with this rare gigantic beauty was a once in a lifetime experience, and damn did we have a great time doing it.

Tunes cranked, crew from home came into Boston, lights, camera... POP! Yes, the lights actually did crackle like old fashioned flash bulbs. My series is called "Baked" - going through the stages of baking a cake in a backwards sort of way, with the incredible Anna modeling for me. She got frosting smooshed on her face, a flour smack to the ass, raw eggshell in her mouth, and wait for it, a gallon of milk dumped over her head. She's a messy baker; what can I say?

A huge THANK YOU to Anna, Rosa, Barb, Jenny, Claire, Ian, and most of all my incredible professor Keitaro Yoshioka. Behind the scenes photos by Barb and video from Rosa & Jenny!

The prints are stunning. Absolutely stunning. Sharp beyond belief, 1970's trippy Polaroid colors... so as you can imagine, scanning the prints removes all the unicorn dust. I wish every one of you could see these gigantic prints in person! But in reality, scans will have to do. Presenting: Baked!

Lena Mirisola

Photographer. Bubble tea addict. Girlboss.