Anna x Bleshüe // Reunited

Saturday morning, sitting in bed editing. I get a message from the infamous Anna Boulais (Princess Anna Elizabeth) - "Are you in your room?"

Now this was a puzzling message; I hadn't seen Anna in 6 months. Why would she need to know whether I was in my room or not?

"I'm outside your door!"

Now I'm really confused. You need to surrender an ID, be signed in by a resident, and get buzzed into the elevators to even get into the building, and nobody off campus knows my floor number or room number...

Well, I jump up, open the door, and lo and behold, a screaming Anna comes running into my arms.

She visited MassArt to model some of my neighbor Ian's clothing line, Bleshüe. She saw my name on the door next to his... how crazy?! 10 minutes later after a bunch of screaming I grabbed my camera and we just headed out to shoot!

I just adore this girl. Crazy, wild, fun, kind, caring, and beautiful inside & out. What's not to love? I either photograph her as a punky punk or as an adorable sweetheart (cue the beach shoot). But really, she's as peachy cute as they come.

Dope shirt courtesy of the talented Ian & Bleshüe!

Lena Mirisola

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