Angie & Rae // Urban Beauties

Happy Sunday everyone!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of shooting Angie & Rae, two lovely ladies who live on my floor! I had been meaning to do a shoot with them for months, so finally I got my act together and put together a concept and got everyone on the same page. While Angie was at work, I shot Rae in her beautiful room, an awesome reflection of the kind of person she is. Soft spoken yet bold, whimsical, clean, modern, loving, bright & bubbly.

We headed outside into the gorgeous (but windy) weather and to the library where we took stacks of books off the shelves hoping the librarians wouldn't catch us and kick us out. Once Angie was off, she joined us with her ADORABLE mini skateboard (which she couldn't ride in high heeled Docs, unfortunately) and the gorgeous outfit I had laid out for her the night before. The flowy dress was perfect - feminine, with the leather jacket for an edge and combat boots that matched. Gender defying in all sorts of fashionable ways ;) We all had a blast on this little shoot, I'm psyched about the photos! Enjoy everyone.


Lena Mirisola

Boston, MA 01886, USA

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