Albums: Your joys, your memories, your heirloom.

In my childhood home,

We had a bookcase filled with dozens of albums of all shapes and sizes arranged (not so neatly) inside of it. My favorite was the frilly, yellow baby album that had a piece of paper tucked in the pages with an imprint of my tiny foot, hospital records from October 3rd, 1994, and my first few months of life in photographs

Fast forward a few decades, and printing photographs and albums has become somewhat of a lost art. We are consumed with instant gratification - posting our iPhone photos online and watching the likes roll in. We have these Camera Rolls, Facebook albums, and Instagram feeds to whip out photographs of our dogs, weddings, or loved ones. But, technology changes every time we blink, and soon, CDs and USBs will be as inaccessible as VHS tapes. Scary? A little. Social media is a fantastic way to share content in the now, but remember:

Facebook likes are not true measures of the importance of a photograph.


Will you share your love story by swiping on a virtual screen to show your granddaughter? Or will your children be able to pull out your wedding album, put it on their lap, and flip through the pages, adoring their young parents? An album is what you look at and share with others time and time again, on anniversaries, the good days, and sometimes the bad days.

Your love was built to last the ages, and your legacy was meant to live through generations.


Whether you print a few photos to put in frames on your nightstand or in your living room, or get a wedding album that serves as a tangible reminder of one of the happiest days of your life, just do it. A few years ago, I chose to include printing rights for every single session, because regardless if they purchased prints or an album through me or if they print 200 photos themselves, I always want those photos to live outside of a screen. I make an album for each one of my travels, and get 2-3 batches of prints a year special ordered to decorate the walls of my home.

I believe that photographs are meant to be experienced... and that is why I will always stand behind the importance of albums.


Lena Mirisola

Photographer. Bubble tea addict. Girlboss.