Adrie & Maria // The bright side

Let's give a warm welcome to Adrie & Maria on the blog! 

Adrie lives next door to me, and Maria's in Smith Hall - I met her while doing wardrobe with her suitemates, Sachi & Jackiie! They're the sweetest girls. The clouds were a little overbearing, but then again, life has been pretty overbearing too. All three of us are going through personal stuff, and on top of that, it's finals week. Stress, lack of sleep, relationship problems... the one thing that will make you forget about everything bad is a shoot. We took the T to the park and the fun didn't pause for a second. We were all laughing, being silly, enjoying the beautiful flowering trees in the park and cat walking across the street in the theater district. Adrie's just the cutest, and Maria is starting up a modeling portfolio and will be live modeling for a few MassArt fashion shows. Also she's from Poland so brownie points for coolness and speaking Polish too! We ended the day in Chinatown, camera down, getting bubble tea and celebrating life. Celebrating us, celebrating new beginnings, celebrating our happiness. 

Celebrate the good things in life, the beautiful things in life, and never stop looking forward.

Lena Mirisola

Boston, MA 01886, USA

Photographer. Bubble tea addict. Girlboss.