Ava & Lily // Playdate No. 1

Ava & Lily, two year old twins (although they seem much older!) - they're TWO cute! (bad joke?)

The two came with their awesome mommy to the studio for an evening of playtime! Lily jumped on board, but Ava was a little shy. After seeing the awesome outfit her sister got to wear though... she came around. We picked and ate some yummy apples in the backyard orchard. Lily was SO giggly! After that, we drove to the pond, and ran races in the woods. There may have been some tripping and falling... but the girls are troopers! We finished on the beach - that's when the real miss Ava came out! She was running around in her tutu like a little queen laughing and talking and having a grand time. They wouldn't get off the slide...the sun pretty much went all the way down by the time we pried them off the slide. "Are you watching?!" "YES!"

We all slept well that night.

Lena Mirisola

Photographer. Bubble tea addict. Girlboss.