Evan // 7 Days Old

My first little man!

Prequel - Barb gets the paper bird mobile from the closet. The thing is desecrated. Tangled cannot begin to describe what this mess was. There was paper and fishing wire everywhere! I had everything set up in the studio except for that. As the clock is ticking before Mommy & baby get here, I'm stressing like crazy trying to get the damn mobile untangled. I'm yelling for Cam to come help, so now there's the two of us standing in a corner furiously trying to get it. Then there were three. Finally, we got 70% of it done, and after hanging it, we just positioned it in a place that the knots weren't noticeable on camera. Getting the call from her that she was going to be late was such a relief! :)

Evan was a little dream. Call it good baby luck... but he was my third newborn, and my third newborn not to cry or wake up during his session. Wow! Evan fell asleep in his little crate right away and stayed snoozing from inside to outside to back inside again. 

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