Madelyn // 7 Days Old

Meeting little Maddie was so exciting! I had photographed the R family before, and their son James is just a doll. When I found out she was expecting again, I was thrilled! A week into her big exciting life, Madelyn, mommy, gramma & James came to the studio and had a nice little session. She's such a little chunk! I love it. My Leighton Heritage fur had just come in and I was super excited to use it. The little princess looked fabulous in her flower & pearls (and zebra bow too!) - and didn't cry. James, no surprise, was the best little boy ever - I've had friends who had newborn sessions tank because of an older sibling waking the baby, being restless, etc... James sat there like a little mouse watching and playing games. Dream big brother! The shoot wrapped up in an hour (she never woke up!) and right as she went on mom's lap to get clothes on again, squirt! She projectile pooped (although I'm pretty sure it was just straight mustard, not poop) 4 feet across the room. Hardwood floor + wipes...perfect! :) She could have on any of the basket or furs or blankets, so she gets an A+ in my book for great timing.

Lena Mirisola

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