Darcila & Austin // Urban Attitude

Our lovely lady Darcila is back! Darcila was one of the leading ladies in the "Teen Afternoon" shoot, and spending a whole day with her in April was such a pleasure. She's so sweet and great to talk to and just a fabulous gal! So we were both really excited to have her back in front of the lens again. Austin joined us as well, one of the Peacock House boys :) I thought Barb hired a guy model from an agency so when I got to the studio, he walked up the stairs from the basement and I was like "Um oh hi! I'm Lena!" and shook his hand. I was so confused why he was there so early. Then I was finally informed that it's AUSTIN, Austin the boys' friend, not from an agency! We still laugh about that, believe it or not. We took a trip to Lowell to do some "Urban Hipster" shooting, Barb & I tag teaming. We drove from place to place and walked around (in those giant heels) and acted silly "in love".  Of course, we finished with some amazing fried dough! Can someone say 'tude?

Lena Mirisola

Photographer. Bubble tea addict. Girlboss.