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- I've been shooting weddings for NINE years - shoutout to Danielle & Kyle who were THRILLED to be my first wedding couple in 2011!

- At any given time, it's a safe bet that I'm in Chinatown with a belly full of pho and a bubble tea in each hand

- My Instant Pot is my best friend, but take-out is my guilty pleasure

- Weekends spent grillin’ and chillin’ at Lake Winnipesaukee are my favorite

- I haven't worn real jeans since 2013, because if you can wear pants that feel like pajamas, why not?

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Lena has an infectiously upbeat and bubbly spirit,
but beyond that, she has a damn good eye
and knows how to do her job really well.
— Vanessa & Jeremy
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On the wedding day, everyone was obsessed with Lena. She has such a big personality in the best way, making everyone laugh and act natural.
— Kelly & Dan

My approach to every wedding day:

I’m a happy-go-lucky hands on girl. I’m not afraid to move furniture around for the best getting ready shots, pin on boutonnieres, tell your brother to take off his sunglasses for family photos, brush a lock of hair out of your face, fasten fifty silk buttons up the back of a dress, or tell you where to stand so the light makes you look good as hell.

But not every moment of a wedding day is high energy. There are beautifully quiet moments - when your parents walk you down the aisle and shed a tear, when your spouse turns around during the first look and is speechless, when you squeeze your grandma extra tight, or when you take a moment during dinner to remember your loved ones that couldn’t be there. For these parts of a wedding day, I’m there to witness and capture what unfolds, not to direct.

So let the natural, candid moments flow. Then, when it’s time for portraits, you have an expert to direct you and guide you, help you walk with confidence, and make you feel like a million bucks.

Lena Mirisola.gif
Lena’s website spews her personality, what you see here is what you get in person. She is super rad, bubbly, and comforting!
— Melissa & Jamie
We’re pretty awkward in front of a camera, but Lena’s energy is so infectious and enthusiastic you can’t help but relax, have fun and laugh.

Lena is a pro at pinning on boutonnieres, wrangling large amounts of people for quick family portraits, and getting real smiles out of people.
— Anna & Matt
There are not enough positive adjectives in the English language to describe how amazing Lena is, both as a person and a photographer. She exudes and spreads joy at every moment and the photos she captured were simply perfect.
— Mallory & Ryan

My stories are pretty rad - full of exclusive content like behind the scenes, cooking fails, wedding sneak peeks, and city shenanigans

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